Monday, February 4, 2008

Aaargh! I left the house by 5 AM, expecting to work eight hours at my new new job, but here I am home again after only four hours, and at loose ends. A problem with the computers has rendered us all (temporarily, we hope) unemployed. I don't know what to do! I'm still too broke to drive out to the coast or shop or see a bargain matinee movie, because neither of my two newest jobs has given me a payday yet. I don't want to vote early- I like doing that on the proper day, in full view of my fellow citizens; I don't dare sit down to read a book for fear of falling into a nap and upsetting my sleep schedule. I don't even want to go to the library, since I did that yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, I watched TV for the first time in years- at a Superbowl party thrown by good old friends. I was quick to tell people that I was only in it for the party aspect, not for the football. I don't think I impressed anyone very much with my ascetism- maybe people don't like to be around a secular saint, or maybe they all thought I protested too much and must therefore be a closeted TV watcher. Or maybe nobody listens to anything anyone says anyway. Yeah, I think that's it. People told me all kinds of personal details at this party, and I don't remember anything about anyone, except for the sexiness seriousness of a couple of the other guests. I think they know who they are, and if by chance they read this, well- congratulations on being an object of my desire respect! Drop me a line if you're bored. That goes for anyone, not just the sexy serious ones- I need something cheap and fun to do today, and I don't care what. About the only thing I wouldn't consider doing is flensing and trying whale blubber, and only because I don't want to stink up my clothes. And of course because I love whales and don't think they need to be killed at all, but especially not for commercial purposes. That being said, I do favor the sinking of whatever vessel(s) Greenpeace may operate, for much the same reason they go to sea in the first place: kneejerk cookie-cutter response to tyrannous anarchy. You listening, Greenpeace? I think you're a bunch of power-mad, intolerant, self-absorbed tyrants. Having you defend wildlife is like hiring a Fascist to administer the rail systems, except a Fascist would get the job done.

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