Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is a test of the emergency text entry method- had this been a real emergency (it is) this signal would have been followed by news and official information. This message will not repeat. We repeat- this message will not repeat. See below for some news. It's probably old news- someone else has surely millennia since written the same thoughts, but they struck me and now I turn them loose to strike you. Or not. You could duck, cover and/or run, but you wouldn't do that, would you? I hope you would if you felt like it. Why be proper if proper ain't right? Anyway, see below. If you get rich thanks to them, give me whatever royalties you can afford that haven't already been paid to everyone with prior claim to the idea(s). Or don't. See how easy-going I can be when I feel like it?

Note- everything below this line is below, as mentioned above.

There are but four things necessary to great art:

One must wish to share, or at least to present, a conception.

One must have the means to execute the work, and the energy to do so with passion, precision and despatch; failing these, one must be willing to sacrifice sole credit and enlist aid.

One must avoid entanglements arising from public and critical notice without offending the target of the art, which means everybody.

One must expect and accept obscurity- that is one should be content to live as though the work of art had never been realized.


Anonymous said...

Hi Drifter, Love your recent posts. Also, my friends found you on my blog and are impressed with your name. JeanZ. PS for some reason Google won't let me comment if I sign in so anyway.

Anonymous said...

Aw, thanks, JeanZ. I'm not sure why you can't log in to leave a comment, but I've had the same problem. It's one of several puzzling and vexing things about Blogger. Another is that no one can browse blogs except through a few peephole portals (Next Blog links at top of our pages; Blogs of Note; Updated Blogs link) none of which offers much freedom to explore. Speaking of technical matters, I see you fixed your link to me- thanks for making it possible for your friends to find me. I get these short bursts of expository energy periodically, and when I 'm able to avoid fictionalizing or agitating (unduly, that is), I'm often surprised at my own perception and clarity of expression. If I swing at a thought and miss in print, that goes on the record too. When I get it right, I simultaneously satisfy my vanity and give myself proper credit. And all with no agent, no fees, and no inventory- I am so very glad to be living in the age of self-publishing!