Saturday, February 9, 2008

Briefest of Updates:

That short work day (four hours) I mentioned the other day turned out to have been a blessing in disguise- today the head-scratchers at the Internet giant decided our entire 40 person shift could and should bill the company for a full eight hours, so we did. Oh, that reminds me that I must remember to submit my time card before 11 AM Monday or I'll never see a dime of my pay. Not even a thin dime, if I can believe the dire threats that pass for the temp agency's payroll submission guidelines. I guess submission is an important aspect of temp agency protocol.

A milepost passed: Three people who don't work for me have written to say they enjoyed my blog. To date, I have had good reason to say I enjoyed just one of their blogs, because only one of them blogs. If you can't wait to see a link to that blog, too bad- I'm waiting for permission to post a link. That undeniably serious person knows who he/she/it/other is...

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