Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another short, lazy post. Sigh. I like pocket notebooks, and I like tiny mechanical pencils I can carry with them. This combination is working well for me now, though I will make the next notebook a side-opener. I haven't settled on a final design for the pencil holder yet, so I just taped a length of disposable drinking straw to the back cover for now. I moved the little pocket clip to the eraser cap, to let the pencil hang deeper inside the straw, which meant I had to glue the clip in place or it slipped down and obstructed the lead-advance clearance. There is still a significant risk of losing the pencil if the eraser cap itself detaches, but I can live with that chance, for now. I've been trying for years to store pencils in the spiral binding of notebooks, with little to no success- this slim (less than 1/4 inch in diameter) and short (4.25 inches) pencil may make this possible. I had been trying for a year or more to buy a mostly metal Zebra pencil of similar dimensions (about US$6 and considerably heavier) that I know I saw at an Office Depot, but can't find anywhere- Zebra say it's for Europe only and was never sold in the US. I think they're full of prunes. When I stumbled across this perfectly acceptable (and almost literally featherweight) version for a buck and a half at my favorite toe-sock store (Daiso) I didn't hesitate to buy on the spot. That's still a lot of money for a plastic mechanical pencil no more reliable than the 10 for $2.00 Scriptos, but it's really the size I'm paying for. All right, enough from me- the sun is shining and I want to be outside.


Anonymous said...

Why a pencil? Don't you get graphite all over your hands? A pen for me. I sprinkle them around so I never have to bring one with me. Pencil? No no.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for something new!