Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Drifty promises to do titles.

Garden remains unplanted, but I'm still ahead of schedule.

Ich bevorzuge vollständige Erdnüsse gegenüber Erdnußbutter, aber ich kann nicht an irgendeine andere nähren-leistungsfähige Weise denken, zwei Scheiben brot schmackhaft zu bilden.

See the Put Your Tongue In Drifty's Mouth link for translation of above. And below, somewhere. While you're there paste or compose some text into the translator and have a little fun while you learn a new word or two. I think it's more fun than sorting needles. Pienso que es más diversión que clasificando agujas.

Today's Title:

is brought to you by the Scratch and Sniff Guide To Animal Companions. Don't ask me- I just type what I hear in my head. This sounds like a great coffee table book and I'd like to read it, but I don't think I've ever heard of it. If you've written this book, please send me a copy. A free boxful, if you can swing that. I'll mention you every time I give one away, and since nothing sells like free books a lot of folks will take your name home with them. You can't buy that kind of marketing. I'm not on topic. Oh, yeah- a title.

Nope, can't think of one. Roll yer own. Must be something I can say!

If You Can Read This, Use BabelFish Until You Can't Read It Anymore And Then Commit Two Foreign Words To Memory.

That's not a title, but it will have to do for a heading. What else? my 2 Gigabyte MuVo 100 now holds 209 songs or audiobook files, about half its capacity. The guy who sits next me at work has a 30Gig iPod with numerous feature length movies on it. I'd have to be pretty bored to watch much two-inch TV, and I don't bore easily. You might bore easily, so I won't print my playlist here. Well, I want to but the titling is pretty awkward. I listen to music at work, and audiobooks elsewhere. The stories tie up the part of my mind I need for work in a way even the craziest music never does. One chapter of a Sherlock Holmes story does more damage to my productivity than two T Rex songs. Or one piece of jazz.

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