Sunday, May 4, 2008

Patience may be a virtue, but it is also a necessity. I want my potatoes to grow, and perhaps they share that sentiment with me, but there's not much we can do but wait. The ground was prepared, the soil was carefully amended and a safe-and-sane plan for water delivery was implemented- I even planted the potatoes. Apparently the missing ingredient is time.

If I can't be patient, I may suffer for my impatience; I may worry and make futile efforts to hasten the growth; perhaps in my eagerness to see little green sprouts coming out of the ground I will harm or kill my crop. Certainly I will annoy myself and others on this subject. I'm doing that right now, and you're just sitting there taking it. Thank you.

and now... a rip-off of an old song (movies here and here) I can't get out of my head-

In mia testa, questa canzone caratterizza il minore ma in pieno bodied gli accenti orchestral del barbershop che circondano e che aumentano le frasi e le girate selezionate dell'aria ma affiderò quello alla vostra immaginazione . Se desiderate quella ultima frase in inglese, veda sidebar superiore di questa pagina e scatti sopra il collegamento metta la vostra linguetta nella bocca del Drifty o vada diritto a questo Web site libero stimabile ed attendibilmente inesatto di traduzione.

or, read it like this: In my head, this song characterizes the minor but in full load bodied the accents orchestral of the barbershop that they encircle and that they increase to the phrases and the turns selected of the air but I will entrust that one to your imagination. If wished that last phrase in English, sees sidebar advanced of this page and releases over the connection put yours linguetta in the mouth of the Drifty or go straight to this stimabile and reliable inexact free Web site of translation.


Go on gal, don’t take me for no fool

I ain’t gonna quit you, pretty mama, while the weather’s

Around your back door, honey, I’m gonna creep

Just as long as you bring me two-and-a-half a week

I’ve got a girl, she works in the white folks yard

She bring me meal, I swear she brings me lard

She brings me meal, honey she brings me lard

She bring me everything honey that a girl can steal

Lord a vaudeville circus rider came to town

They got a dancer lookin’ nice and brown

They didn’t know it was against the law

For the monkey’s to stop at a five cent store

Well, just around the corner, just a minute too late

Another one standin’ at the big back gate

I’m simply wild about my good cocaine

I stood my corner, hey hey!

Here come Sal with a nose all so’

Doctors said she couldn’t smell no mo’

Lord run doctor, ring the bell

The women in the alley…

I’m simply wild about my good cocaine

Furniture man came to my house, was last Sunday morn

Asked me was my wife at home

Said she’d long been gone

Backed his wagon up to my door

Took everything I had

He carried it back to the furniture store

Honey, I did feel sad

What in the world has any man got, now

Messin’ with the furniture man?

Got no dough, stand for sho’

Certainly will back you back

Take everything from an earthly plant

From a skillet to a frying pan

If there ever was a devil born without any horns

Musta been the furniture man

I hear you mama, hey hey!

Here come Sal with a nose all so’

Doctors said she couldn’t smell no mo’

Lord go doctor, ring the bell

Women in the alley…

I’m simply wild about my good cocaine

Lord the babies in the cradle in New Orleans

The doctors kept a-whiffin’ til the baby got mean

Doctor whiffed until the baby got so’

Mama said she couldn’t smell no mo’

Lord go, Doctor, ring the bell,

The women in the alley…

I simply wild about my good cocaine

I’m simply wild about my good cocaine

I’m simply wild about my good cocaine

If you're interested, the performer (song) is Dick Justice.
I don't know who made the movie. You can find an mp3 of the song here.

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